Champagne Mes racines Champagne Millésime

Champagne Essentiel

The essence of wine


This cuvée is best enjoyed around 9°C, served with seafood or fish, such as lemongrass john-dorry, or a sole fillet with mango and lime sauce.


Dussert-Gerber guidebook 2018 and 2019


Capacity bottle (0,75l).

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The robe, a shiny gold, reveals a string of fine bubbles.


The nose, both complex and intense, will first give some overtones of honey and exotic fruits, ripe and juicy. It then reveals toasted aromas of roasted dried fruits and dates, suggesting a well-rounded wine, generous and gourmand.


As for the mouth-feel, the attack is frank on the palate, the flavour slightly saline, pure and light. This wine presents a beautiful structure with a crisp finish on hints of bitter orange. The aromas are persistent with a long finish. The low dosage reveals the original expression of wine, and lets us discover a racy type of champagne, full of character.


TerroirBouzy and Ambonnay (from the Montagne de Reims)
Grape-varieties2/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Chardonnay
Years2013 in the majority +the previous years
Vinificationin tank, malolactic fermentation
Dosagearound 4g/l

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