Champagne Mes racines Champagne Millésime

Champagne Mon Essentiel

Precision & Harmony


This cuvée Extra-Brut perfectly combines the fruity structure of the pinot noir and the purity of the chardonnay in a harmonious blend finely balanced by a low dosage. It will pair well with authentic dishes where fish is given pride of place, such as sea bream ceviche with yuzu, raw fish marinated in citrus fruits, or crayfish with ginger and Espelette chilli.


Capacity bottle (0,75l).

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The hue is yellow with soft golden reflections. Clear and brilliant, it is distinguished by the finesse of its bubbles.


The first notes of gunflint quickly give way to biscuity and fresh butter aromas. The nose is delicately fruity, with lemon and white flower fragrances.


The attack is frank and precise, followed by a beautiful mineral tension. The mouth is fresh, supported by a light bubble. Lemon verbena and zesty aromas linger on the palate.


TerroirBouzy and Ambonnay (from the Montagne de Reims)
Grape-varieties2/3 Pinot Noir, 1/3 Chardonnay
Years2016 + previous years
Vinificationin tank, malolactic fermentation
Bottling10 May 2017
Dosagearound 4.4g/l

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